History of the School House

School House in

The School House dates back to around 1900 (between 1898 and 1905), but no one knows for sure.

The School was originally the "Winegar School" and was first located about a mile west of where it stands now. Ten years or so later, the building was moved to its present location on the headwaters of the John Day River, where it was renamed the "Riverside School" and was used to educate the children of the area until the early 1960's.

The School House was originally one room, but was later split into two rooms to accommodate the needs of the children. One, and sometimes two teachers taught as many as twenty five students from the first grade through high school.Most of the students walked or rode horses to school. School House in The barn where the horses were kept is still standing near the School House today.

The Riverside School House is the only one room school house still standing in the area and the original school bell, which was installed in 1913, is still hanging.

Go back in time and stay at the comfortable old Riverside School House. Who knows... you might learn a thing or two. :)